Screenshot of Bike Lane website just before moving to Shenandoah/The Woodlands, January 2009
November 1, 2010 — Bicycle Retailer & Industry News announces the Nation’s top 100 bicycle retailers. These retailers were selected because they excel market share, community outreach, and store appearance and are unique in their own success.
When asked what set them apart from their peers, Bike Lane (Shenandoah/The Woodlands,Texas), responded: “Listening carefully to our customers and friends, we continually strive to provide the best possible service and bike product to every person that walks through the door. We keep full-time employees and employee turnover to a minimum and keep everyone involved in running the store, relying also on our race team and club members. And, during our Friday and Sunday-evening work parties we share an occasional soda to make up for the six 14-hour days’ weekly schedule. Through our customers, we keep in close touch with our community with the bike club and team sponsorships, charity rides and benefit events.”
Congratulations Bike Lane!
David Boyd demonstrating his mountain bike skills at an adventure race. Read more, as he shares some of his knowledge, in the June 2005 issue of Runner Triathlete News.
Read more of Ann Erickson’s interesting life story – surviving bomb raids in her native England to becoming ranked first nationally and regionally in her age group – in the October 2005 issue of Runner Triathlete News.

Team Challenge Champions

Team BIKE LANE, winner of the Texas Team Challenge, displaying the check that represents a donation of $75.00 per team that goes into a cash fund presented to IMBA in Team BIKE LANE’s name.

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Tokarski, Nick Miller, Jim Davis, David Boyd, Mike Kelly, Leigh Garrett, Austin Potter, David Mackey, Joseph Tokarski, Jimm Schroeder (manager), Patti Plagmann, Kevin Koen, Ryan Malloy, Greg Harrah, Joe Noack, and Derek Garrett.

Other team members not present: Nathan Potter, Clay Hobson, Mark Potter, Gordon Allen, Paul Allen, Jason Winkelmann, Shaun Bain, Kevin Burandt, Travis Burandt, Joe Constantino, Thomas Downey, Brandt Dozier, Craig Fitgerald, Eric Goodney, Wooch Graff, Corey Hearn, Frank Hearn, Carlos Ibarra, Magan Langley, Andy Lasswell, Andre Leger, Stephen Leger, Glenn McKinlay, Bonnie Bain, James Price, Jonathan Rico-Ibarra, Barry Rogerson, Sten Schmidt, Evan Stein, Norberto Valdes, Bill Weidlein, Maurie Wilson, Nathan ‘Wink’ Winklemann.

The Team Challenge has seen the traveling trophy move from city to city as shops, friends and sponsors field their very best to race for top team honors.  

December 2006 – Bob Roll and Greg Lemond stopped in for a visit at Bike Lane.  Quite a treat!

The Huntsville Classic race sponsored by Bike Lane on Sept 15 and 16, 2007.

Four Person Expert-Pro 1st place:  Brandt Dozier,  Troy Fraske, Clay Hopson and  Jeff Carmody

Kim Hager turned pro in 2004, racing for the Timex Multisport team. Inset – 2005 ITU World Duathlon Championship, Newcastle, Australia, September 25, 2005

Timex Multisport team members compete all over the United States and the World. The Multisport Teams have aspirations for more wins in mind.

In 2004 Kim qualified for the Woman’s Olympic Marathon Trials and competed in the Trials in St. Louis in April 2004.

In her pro debut in November 2004 – the Mexico Half Ironman – Kim came in 2nd Overall Female, also producing the fastest female run split time.

Kim, we’re proud of you!

Here’s what Kim’s did in 2005:

Powerman North Carolina………………. .3rd Female

Auburn International Half………………….5th Female

USA Duathlon National Championship..2nd US Female

Buffalo Springs Half Ironman…………….2nd Female

ITU World Duathlon Championship….. .2nd US Female

When asked what gives Kim her drive she responds, “I try to live by the words of Vince Lombardi, ‘If you will not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives. It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.'”

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