The Woodlands/Shenandoah Store Buildout (page 3 of 3)
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Final positioning.
Wow !!
Here comes the inventory.
Looks good already.
Here comes the sign.
Bike racks are ready.
Almost ready for the broom.
Cleaning up  where fixture building began.
Soon clothing will hang.
More boxes come in.
Here come the bikes.
The "final" bike in place.
The final equipment leaves through
the front door.
Final touch up on the ceiling.
Bikes one by one.
Beginning to look like a bike shop.
Kids bikes need final touching up too.
One or two more.
Racks almost full.
Wheels are up, more bikes come in.
Across the floor.
Putting 1000 tubes in place.
Hooks from the racks for repair bikes.
Bike box goes on the shelf.
The Mayor of Shenandoah and city council
welcome us to Shenandoah (and The