The Woodlands/Shenandoah Store Buildout (page 2of 3)
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High up in the atrium.
Service area slatwall going up.
Finishing the seams.
Don't go under the ladder!
The east wall looks good!
Windows covered to keep "peepers" out.
Instructions to the lift operator.
Standing in the fitting area looking out.
Some of the hidden structural.
Back to finishing the service area,
The atrium continues.
Starting the mural in the atrium.
Final view from the fitting area.
The mural continues.
Almost there.
Laying out the window grill.
Service area trim painted.
Preparing above the entrance for the
retro bike display.
North wall mural complete.
Painters hard at work.
Working on the roof too.
Finishing touches
North wall "unfinished" waiting on mural.
Finishing jerseys.
Championship jerseys going up.
Fan in place.
Fixtures come to the showroom.