The Woodlands/Shenandoah Store Buildout (page 1 of 3)
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Working on the plans during Hurricane Ike  
("old store"), by the window.
A vacant space next to the "new store".  
Fixtures arrive, ready for building...
No power, nothing else to do.
The counter area.
Buildout begins.
For the bicycles
For the clothing.
Taking shape...
The fixture building started.
The office goes here.
East wall.
Counter area taking shape.
The west wall atrium.
The walls going up higher.
Dressing room.
Inside service area.
The electrical goes here.
Working high up.
Insulation everywhere.
Scissor lift very helpful.
Racks almost done.
Looking massive.
Laying out the wood for storage racks.
Racks start to go up.
Scaffold over here.
Floor is temporarily clean...