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Team BIKE LANE, winner of the
2007 Texas Team Challenge
Team BIKE LANE, 2007 Texas Mountain Bike
Racing Association Team Challenge Series
Winner traveling trophy and permanent trophy.
2007 Team Challenge Champions
TEXAS Mountain Bike Series where
The Texas Team Challenge is held in
teams in Texas.  The teams consist of
any combination of NORBA recognized
age groups, genders and experience
levels.  The top six highest placing one
Junior, one Beginner, one Female, and
the other three slots open) determine
the team's total score for each event.
The Texas Team Challenge has awarded
racing, plus donate to such a worthwhile
organization. and TMBRA at
Hobson, Craig Fitzgerald, Dana McAlexander,
David Boyd (Texas State Champion),David
Mackey, Emily Ansley (top ten), Frank
Hearn,Greg Harrah, Holly Marrs, Jacob Dozier,
Jeff Carmody,Jim Davis, Jimm Schroeder, Joe
Constantino,Joshua Tschuor (top ten), Juliet
Mackey (top ten),Justin Burger, Kellie (top ten),
Kevin Koen, Lenny Smith,Loren Dodson, Mark
Fraske (top ten), Maurie Wilson,Michael Kelley,
Nathan Winkelmann, Nicholas Pierce,Patti
Plagmann (top ten), Paul Allan, Rachel
Dozier,Sean Ansley (Texas State
Champion),Sean Jr. Ansley, Shaun Bain (top
ten), Thomas Sterrett,Troy Fraske (Texas State
exciting competition and camaraderie as
the Team Challenge has seen the
traveling trophy move from city to city
as shops, friends and sponsors field
their very best to race for top team
honors.  This year's competition proved
to be as exciting as ever.