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Team BIKE LANE, winner of the 2005 Texas Team Challenge, displaying the check that represents a
donation of $75.00 per team that goes into a cash fund presented to IMBA in Team
BIKE LANE's name.

Pictured from left to right:  Kevin Tokarski, Nick Miller, Jim Davis, David Boyd, Mike Kelly, Leigh Garrett,
Austin Potter, David Mackey, Joseph Tokarski, Jimm Schroeder (manager), Patti Plagmann, Kevin Koen,
Ryan Malloy, Greg Harrah, Joe Noack, and Derek Garrett.  

Other team members not present:  Nathan Potter, Clay Hobson, Mark Potter, Gordon Allen, Paul Allen,
Jason Winkelmann, Shaun Bain, Kevin Burandt, Travis Burandt, Joe Constantino, Thomas Downey, Brandt
Dozier, Craig Fitgerald, Eric Goodney, Wooch Graff, Corey Hearn, Frank Hearn, Carlos Ibarra, Magan
Langley, Andy Lasswell, Andre Leger, Stephen Leger, Glenn McKinlay, Bonnie Bain, James Price, Jonathan
Rico-Ibarra, Barry Rogerson, Sten Schmidt, Evan Stein, Norberto Valdes, Bill Weidlein, Maurie Wilson,
Nathan 'Wink' Winklemann.
Photo:  Kevin Tokarski/
The Texas Team Challenge traveling trophy
with Team
BIKE LANE's name permanently
engraved on display at the shop.  
2005 Team Challenge Champions
The Texas Team Challenge is held in conjunction
Series where racers compete to determine the top
teams in Texas.  The teams consist of any
combination of NORBA recognized age groups,
genders and experience levels.  The top six highest
placing finishers from each team (with at least one
Junior, one Beginner, one Female, and the other
three slots open) determine the team's total score for
each event.

This year marks the 9th year of exciting competition
and camaraderie as the Team Challenge has seen the
traveling trophy move from city to city as shops,
friends and sponsors field their very best to race for
top team honors.  This year's competition proved to
be as exciting as ever.
The Texas Team Challenge has awarded IMBA
over $6000 to date, making this a great way to add
worthwhile organization.

For more information visit IMBA at
and TMBRA at
Photo:  Kevin Tokarski/